Park West School has a high level of community involvement in many areas. The PTA/SAC offer continuous support and the school’s membership reflects diversity within the community. 

Park West School offers a place for Immigrating families to come from all over the world to settle into a safe, stable, welcome and high academic achieving environment. 

Park West School and community offers an encouraging and supporting environment where newcomers are attracted to because it provides an environment that is supportive, and encourages them to meet others. Park West School provides its students the opportunity to feel welcomed, accepted and connected to their schools and as a result they are more likely to succeed academically.

Our Community is a contributing factor to accomplishing the missions set out in the “Ivany” report and supports positive economic outcomes for the province by encouraging immigration.  We are a welcoming and supportive community to our students and to newcomers and by having a diverse society we can provide the power  to open minds that in turn will influence the future in a positive and exciting way.