Save Park West School and Community from losing our Grade 7-9 Students to Neighbouring Schools in other Communities.

  • Their solutions involve removing our Grades 7-9 students and sending them to one or two neighbouring Schools. 
  • HRSB chooses to disperse our students for no transparent reason.

Our Choice 

Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB) has presented two proposals to solve a problem they have identified as “overcrowding” at Park West School. 

We will not allow our Students to be dispersed to another Community to address HRSB’s real issues, particularly in light of an upcoming Provincial initiative to review schools for possible closure. This process is both unnecessary AND premature!

We will support the status quo option of leaving our School as is, with its P-9 grade configuration and its existing clear boundaries.

We will also support building onto the school to provide additional space for those wishing to attend our school.  We will not support change that does not provide any benefit to our students
When parents search for a community to raise their children, many consider the local schoolOur families invested in the Park West Community for our school.  This is our community, our school, our students and our choice

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