Park West School, a well designed facility, now in its second decade, provides a Modern Facility that prepares our students with the opportunity to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators and skilled workers.  This is a goal of our Education Minister, Honourable Karen Casey as she states on December 23, 2013 in the Chronicle Herald.

Park West School is a Model P-9 School

  • It is very unique due to the rich cultural diversity present in every classroom at every grade level.
  • It represents approximately 70 countries and 50 languages spoken.
  •  It is home to many students with special needs who are integrated and welcomed into the classroom setting. We recognize, honour, and celebrate this diversity.
·         Park West School (PWS) offers a unique environment in which to learn.  With the ability to attend the school for the first ten years of a student’s educational journey, PWS provides our students the opportunity to have continuous growth in the same safe setting and the opportunity to foster lasting relationships with teachers, peers and the community.