Saturday, 26 April 2014

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Link to Community Complaints Regarding Park West School

The first day of Criticism my community shared with me
The best option for us the board cannot simply see...........

1.       Best possible learning environment overlooked

The Province’s School Review Process Discussion Paper (November 2013) at p. 9, says that the first priority is high-quality education. Policy B.003 The Preamble of Creating School Populations Policy, Revised February 24, 2010, states that the guiding principle is the best possible learning environments.
Park West School is the only elementary and junior high school in the Park West community. Located in the center of the Park West community and its catchment area, it is a walking school. As a grade primary to nine school, it provides a safe and stable learning environment for new and established Canadian families. Combined with a reputation for high achievement, it is a draw for families, some of whom have moved into the community from overseas and other parts of the city so their children can attend the school. (Such features have also attracted many students from neighboring communities – many without permission.)
The current review is yet to include any meaningful assessment of the best possible learning environment for children living in the community. Park West School, in its P-9 format, is the best possible learning environment for children living in the community. This fact has been overlooked in the review process.

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