Friday, 11 April 2014

On Friday, April 11, 2014 by PWSParents
Based on the Boundary Review Committee Vote, Scenario 6 was selected for Park West School.

What does this mean?

All Grade 7 to 9 students from Park West School will be forced to go to Clayton Park Junior High.

How could scenario 6 be better than the “Status Quo” option requested by the majority of the Parents of Park West School?
Why is grade reconfiguration being considered in a geographic boundary review?
Why are the Grade 7-9 students being targeted, do they not have enough to deal with at this ever so changing time of their lives?
What are the deliberation points that has scenario 6 better than the “Status quo” as requested by the majority of the Park West Community?
What is the data that supports all the deliberation points as stated in Policy B.003 Creating School Populations?
What is the accuracy of the data that was used in deliberation as stated in Policy B.003?
Did the Committee members have all the data required to accurately deliberate scenarios based on Policy B.003?
What could be the possible benefit of a having our students leave our community to attend a school in another community?
Was academic achievement or ruin considered as part of the deliberation?
Was the safety of our children/students considered?  E.g. The students who would be walking to school would be crossing busy roadways and in the winter months walking to and from school in the dark, was this given any consideration?
Is the best interest of the students being considered?
When will the deliberation report be available to parents for each and every scenario discussed by the boundary review committee to provide detailed reasons for the selected scenario?
If change is imminent, what is the detailed transition procedure?
The biggest question of the day, “Why does there have to be change at all?”

A lot of questions but NO answers!

It is a sad state of Affairs that in a supposed democratic country and society, the very people who will be affected the most (our children and their families) by a decision, have become a number and not a person/people with a face or a choice.

If you want Park West School to remain a P-9 school, let your voice be heard loud and clear.

  Take Action in the following ways:

1. Sign the Petition at:
Leave Park West School P-9

2. Email the following People and state that your wish is for Park West School  to remain P-9 with its current boundaries and provide your reason for this wish.  Tell your story of what Park West means to you and your family.
Email your School Board Representative Sheryl Blumenthal-Harrison

Email your SAC member May El-Sherif

Email your local MLA, Honourable Diana Whalen

Email the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development - Honourable Karen Casey

3. Attend Park West Parent Meeting,
Thursday, April 24, 2014, 7:00 PM
Sobeys Community Room,
Lacewood Drive

4. Attend the Public Meeting with the Boundary Review Committee Members
Date and Time TBA

***Be sure to check this blog for the latest updates on meeting times***