Wednesday, 16 April 2014

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 by PWSParents
David M. Cameron a past elected Halifax Regional School Board Member speaks out about Park West School Boundary Review.

The one issue that distressed David Cameron the most when he served as an elected member of the Halifax regional school board was that schools were looked upon as simply a physical structure with little to no consideration for the community it serves.  Sound familiar? It would appear that Park West School is now the focus of such attention.

Mr. Cameron was able to recognize the benefits of how a model school such as Park West and the community it serves could rise to the challenges outlined in the Ivany report.  Park West School, as a P-9 school, and its community are able to attract immigrants, foster lasting relationships and produce students that excel academically.

Mr. Camerons' article states his opinion that we need to celebrate the success of Park West School and ensure it continues in its current form.  Hurray to Mr. Cameron!

Be sure to let your voice of approval and agreement for Mr. Camerons' opinions be heard. Post a comment to Mr. Camerons' letter on the Herald website.  Tweet to get the word out!

Save Park West School as it is: a model school to be emulated - not one to be dismantled to satisfy a facilities management issue.

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